'I Was Put On A List': How Iceland's Closely Monitored Contact Tracing Kept Its Outbreaks Under Control

Life in Iceland has remained relatively normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department of Public Safety keeps strict tabs on citizens who test positive for the virus and those who might, leading to very managed minor outbreaks.

Scroll down to follow one person's story interacting with this system.

This is Pall. He lives in Reykjavik, Iceland.

In September, Pall's roommate tested positive for Covid-19.

The Department of Public Safety required Pall's roommate to make list of names and contact information of all the people he had interacted with in the last 5 days.

Pall was on the list.

Pall received a phone call immediately from a representative telling him he was required to quarantine for 1 week, then attend his scheduled Covid test.

Breaking quarantine would be considered breaking the law.

One week later, Pall attended his scheduled test in his area. Fortunately, it was negative.

If he had not attended, he would have been contacted by the representative again. He is now free to not quarantine.


Use the tool below to see what someone in Iceland would be directed to do in regards to their contact tracing program.